High-quality car Flywheel

High-quality car Flywheel

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product name: Inside ring gear 6CT
model: 6CT
car brand :Cummins
Accessory number: 3415350 3415349
Suitable car models: 6CT8.3

At the power output end of the crankshaft, that is, the side where the gearbox and the work-making equipment are connected. The main function of the flywheel is to store energy and inertia outside the engine's power stroke. For a four-stroke engine, only the energy for suction, compression, and exhaust for one stroke comes from the energy stored in the flywheel. The balance is corrected incorrectly. The balance of the engine mainly depends on the balance block on the shaft. The single-cylinder machine has a special balance shaft.
The flywheel has a large moment of inertia. Since the work of each cylinder of the engine is discontinuous, the engine speed also changes. When the engine speed increases, the kinetic energy of the flywheel increases, storing energy; when the engine speed decreases, the kinetic energy of the flywheel decreases, releasing energy. The flywheel can be used to reduce speed fluctuations during engine operation.
It is installed at the rear end of the engine crankshaft and has rotational inertia. Its function is to store the energy of the engine, overcome the resistance of other components, and make the crankshaft rotate evenly; connect the engine and the automobile transmission through the clutch installed on the flywheel; and start The engine is engaged to facilitate engine starting. And it is the integration of crankshaft position sensing and vehicle speed sensing.
In the power stroke, the energy transmitted by the engine to the crankshaft, in addition to the external output, part of the energy is absorbed by the flywheel, so that the speed of the crankshaft will not increase much. In the three strokes of exhaust, intake and compression, the flywheel releases its stored energy to compensate for the work consumed by these three strokes, so that the crankshaft speed does not decrease too much.
In addition, the flywheel has the following functions: the flywheel is the active part of the friction clutch; the flywheel ring gear for starting the engine is embedded on the flywheel rim; the top dead center mark is also engraved on the flywheel for calibration Ignition timing or fuel injection timing, and adjust valve clearance.

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    product name Inside ring gear  6CT
    model  6CT
    car brand Cummins
    Accessory number 3415350 3415349
    Suitable car models  6CT8.3


    It is suitable for automobiles, ships, engineering vehicles, agricultural machinery, original quality, with good appearance, high density, smoothness, brightness and durability after finishing. Each product has undergone rigorous testing and its quality has been guaranteed. Box packaging has a good appearance and durable production cycle: 20-30 working days, neutral packaging/original packaging, mode of transportation: land, sea and air.

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    It is suitable for automobiles, ships, engineering vehicles, agricultural machinery, original quality.


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